The handbook has been compiled over many years with each committee contributing and adding to it.  It is a comprehensive document that contains all there is to know about SA Masters, from its inception to date, including how we operate etc.

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We will be populating this section with previous minutes etc in due course.


SAMS regularly puts out Newsletters and over the years they have been informative and entertaining.  They are all in the links below:

Owen van Renen (RIP)

Owen served on the SAMS Committee for many years, many will remember him for the excellent work he did as the editor of the SAMS newsletter and admin of the SA Masters  Swimming Facebook page.

Owen was well known to many of the Masters swimmers, he was Joyce Fyfe’s twin and Merle Angelos’ brother.  The van Renen brother and sisters contributed immensely to South African masters swimming at club, regional and national levels.