Link to 18th FINA World masters swimming championships 2019 site

With 150 days to go to the 18th FINA World Championships 2019 in Gwangju, Korea, preparations are in full swing and on track.

18th FINA World Masters Championships Gwangju 2019

Important Notice from FINA

·         All athletes must submit documentation proving their affiliation to a club belonging to their national federation. A copy of an official ID (resident ID, driver’s license, passport) must also be provided. (Individuals who require a travel visa should please provide a copy of their passport as official ID)

·         All competitors must be 25 years or older as stated in the FINA Masters Rule. Competitor’s age shall be determined as of December 31 of the year of the Championships. (Minimum age for water polo is 30 years)

Please send me an e-mail with a digital photograph (head and shoulders) if you are a registered SAMS Member wanting to enter these championships, I will send you the required SAMS licence for your entry.